Zombie Lane Cheats – Coins hack 2012

Zombie Lane Cheats – Coins hack 2012
UPDATED 05/19/2012
Credits: Patiniox


  • Google Chrome / Firefox
  • Cheat Engine 6.1

Steps : Watch my video and follow the steps carefully

code october/13/2011 : 0F2ACBF20F58C1660F

Change the last digit from 1 to a

Change jng to nop

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  • Jacobvaldez

    dosent even show up on Ce

  • Bar_chick77

    thanks for the cheat =)

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  • Christian

    nc cheat

  • facebookhax


  • johari dipatuan

    wheres the video

  • not work

  • Alvinotular


  • working

  • thanks its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!