Tetris Battle Cheats // Rank hack


Tetris Battle Cheats // Rank hack


  • Charles – [link] link updated
  • Google Chrome
  • JAVA – [LINK]


  1. Open Tetris.
  2. Open Charles.
  3. Enter 2p.
  4. Exit 2p.
  5. Go to charles and you will see the 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**
  6. Expand it.
  7. Set Breakpoints to the first Default.
  8. Enter 2p(the Breakpoint tab will appear when you enter 2p)
  9. Click Execute
  10. Click Edit Response tab and text tab (at the bottom)
  11. Change the <current_rank>(your rank) to 99 and the <current_halfstar>(you current stars) to 10.
  12. then click execute.
  13. remove the breakpoints to the default.(if a breakpoint tab will appear just click execute)
  14. Go to tetris and play 1 game to save your rank.

Reload the page and Look at your rank!
Thats all!

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    When you are leeching some hacks please try putting some CREDITS to DEATH88 the CREATOR of this HACK! tsk tsk!
    I’m a Admin of Digital Nodes, have some RESPECT to our Admin [death88] he is the one who created this hack. Give him some Credits! who ever is the Administrator of this WEBSITE!

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    Whoever is the ADMIN here PLEASE give some CREDITS to “death88″
    He is the one who created and discover this hack.
    I’m also a ADMIN of DIGITAL NODES and TETRIS BATTLE HACKS, We know that this hack is LEECHED in our PAGE and GROUP.
    I’m not disrespecting the ADMIN of this WEBSITE [facebookhax.net] um I’m asking you to put some CREDITS to the CREATOR of this hack ” DEATH88 ” and DIGITAL NODES also.

    Thats All. God Bless. BYE!

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    Thanks for giving credits.Becuase this is our topic in our group DIGITAL NODES not giving credits to Admin Death88. Thanks and God Bless.

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    um , your STEPS is WRONG :)) ..!! and theres a tips to be a god of tetris ..
    um this hack is called [rank hack-INSTANT GOD]
    credited to death88


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    Thanks A lot I made a Video for this hack
    and i give the credits to you guys is that okay with you
    emocheater and Death88?

    • it’s okay with us but don’t forget the site.. facebookhax 😀

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    What are you saying ELEMENTAL DRAGONZ? haha
    Theres a VIDEO TUT. for this hack .. We have a Video Tut. Original by Admin death88 and Digital Nodes , I’m also a Admin of that group. haha!
    I don’t know if the admin of this site didn’t post the video.. but thanks for proper credits to death88.
    Who is the admin of this site .. this is the STEP that i made .. copied here but I edit it , because the steps that they post here is so wrong!, can’t understand ..

  • AkosiDhenDhen

    This one is copied here but I edit it .. because some steps can’t understand,
    so if you want to edit you steps.. copy this ..
    or who is reading some comments? you can follow this steps if you want ..

    1.)Open Tetris.
    2.)Open Charles.
    3.)Enter 2p.
    4.) QUIT 2p in order for charles to the tetris and needed IP ADDRESS.
    5.)Go to charles and you will see the 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**
    6.)Expand it. You will see a “2 Default”.
    7.)Set or Check Breakpoints to the first Default.
    8.)Enter 2p(the Breakpoints tab will appear when you enter 2p)
    9.)Click Execute, after a 1.5secs. it will go back and will direct you again to breakpoints.
    10.)Click Edit Response tab(at the top) and text tab (at the bottom)
    11.)Change the (your rank) to 101 and the (you current stars) to 10.
    12.)The click “execute” and it will direct you to structures tab, in order for not experiencing an “connection error” you need to be fast in editing the text tab @ edit response tab.
    13.)Remove or Uncheck the breakpoints to the default.(if a breakpoint tab will appear just click execute)
    14.)Then go to tetris and you will see that your rank is turn to [Rank 100(GOD OF TETRIS)] , play 1 game and lose the game to lose 1 star, to be permanent and savable. You will see that the your rank will be [Rank 100(DEMI GOD)]
    15.) Tip, if you want your rank to be GOD OF TETRIS, buy a x5 armor, so when you trying to lose the game , you will not lose star, and there you have it a successful and permanent hack.

    Reload the page and Look at your rank!
    Thats all!

    Hopefully I helped you guys 🙂

    [RANK HACK(INSTANT GOD)] ->is CREDITED TO “-Admin[death88]”

    -Admin [prohack]

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