Tetris Battle Cheats – 99 coins and 99exp hack + bot

Pet Society – Kitty maker and Exterior house harajuku


  • Firefox or Chrome
  • Fiddler
  • Winrar
  • marathon1p(NORMALSPEEDBOT) – [LINK]
  • marathon1p(NormalGame+NOBOT) – [LINK]
  • marathon1p(SUPERSPEEDBOT) – [LINK]

Hack features:

  • Bot hack
  • SuperBot hack
  • 99exp hack
  • 99coins hack

Fiddler Setting
Click Tools > Fiddler Options > Check Capture HTTPS CONNECTs > Check Decrypt HTTPS Traffic


1. Open Fiddler and click Autoresponder tab.
2. Check the two boxes and drag the file that you have just downloaded.
3. Click “SAVE” to your fiddler.
4. Clear Cache to your fiddler and to your browser.(MOST IMPORTANT)
5. Go to Tetris > Marathon


Note: this is working only In Marathon

How to clear browser cache (shortcut key: hold ctrl+shift+delete)

Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now

Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache

  • Baifuh

    woah! nice 🙂

  • Roy

    I Do Everything Correct but the hack is not working 🙁
    Can You help Me ?

    • Sdasdasd

      did you check fiddler setting? did you use google chrome? did clear your browser cache?

      • Roy

        Yeah ! I checked settings clearly … I try both Chrome and firefox also .. I also cleared fiddler cache and browser cache

  • KenZ..Cheater


  • wow cool! thx

  • kingtt

    bot doesnt work! Need help

    • Anonymous

      you made some mistakes

      • kingtt

        what mistake? I used google chrome

      • kingtt

        i followed all the steps but the bot just doesnt work. But i get 99 xp and 99 coins.

      • FuZZtilT_24

        CAN U HELP ME PLS ?

  • Tsuna

    the bot doesnt work ..

  • FuZZtilT_24


  • ayw mag effect sakin ang bot

  • Unbanned001

    not working.. xD

  • StillAhacker

    bot not working!!!

  • Ngmingleong

    The marathon game won’t start, waited for 15minutes.. The error showed
    Secure client pipe failed: Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream..
    [Fiddler] Failed to read HTTPS request from (avp:1724) new client socket, port 59794.

  • Banned91

    Once I closed fiddler, the thing started to load again.

  • asartalo999

    working sa kin..

  • Shin_gwapz15

    bot is not working .

  • Unbanned001

    ecl.tbc.tetrisfb.com //data1.6.2/flash/assets/assets_m1p.swf 199,258 application/x-shockwave-flash chrome:2120

  • Unbanned001


  • Bleeeeeh27

    bots not working

  • Ej

    not working

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