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Soul Crash Cheat Skill Hacks

Soul Crash Cheats - Skill Items Hacks

Soul Crash Cheats // Skill Hack


Tested and Working as of 04/27/2012


If the charles doesn’t show the money tab

Tools :


  1. Go to SC (Soul Crash)
  2. Open Charles (Charles Web Proxy debugger)
  3. Go to SKILL SHOP
  4. In Charles expand > ‘http://sc.gaiainteractivegames‘.
  5. Right click the money and select breakpoints
  6. Exit Skill shop
  7. Click Skill shop again
  8. Breakpoints tab will appear
  9. Click Execute
  10. Click ‘Edit Response’ > ‘XML Text‘.
  11. Change The Cash to 30000
  12. Go Buy a skill There will be a error
  13. Go to charles Right click the “buy_skill” and select breakpoints.
  14. Reload browser
  15. Repeat step 3 to 6
  16. Then buy a skill
  17. Breakpoints tab will appear
  18. Go To Form then edit level from 0 to your current level
  19. Go to your skills inventory
  20. HAVE FUN

Note: Buy the unreleased skills first before you buy release skill

Index 6 and 7 are The Unreleased Skills

  • Phepelspace

    help me my account can’t grt level up 19 => 20

    • Lelouch_Bmthai

      kill sobek to level up

  • Benru1317

    hey… what will happen if i change the level to just 1? i still have the skill but is there any difference? i didn’t put my level, i just put 1.. is it ok?

  • rey

    cant understand step 6 how to change cash..the breakpoint of money did not appear..

  • facebookhax

    updated the steps…refresh your browser guys to see the change

    • Yuli_d_suprapto

      can u unbaned acount

  • Zeavky

    nice,.,.,its work thanx,.,.,
    will it works to buy item or set?????

  • i cant get me pls..

    • facebookhax

      watching the video will help you a lot

  • Some guy in a suit

    I cant load the skill tab when i click the guy with the sword who strikes amazingly its just a blank

  • Ken_zota


  • nYtShAdE**D

    ground smash hahahaha!

  • imba cheater

    what will happen when they detect it?

  • Slarkpetew

    will this cheat can ban ur soul crash account? because they started to ban hackers now

  • Stupido_22

    we are banned !!
    please make an hack that unban us ..!

  • Some guy in a suit

    Thank you Now im banneD 🙂

  • shit65

    there is no money in charles

  • hey soul crash i can be your movie tutorial maker ill start as soon as you make another video

  • nagawa ko na to!
    ang dali naman hackin ung skill
    bobo lng ang hindi marunong!

    • saya…


  • UnKnown

    parang na bug ata skill ko !!
    pag nag click akoh sa CHARACTER tapos SKILL . bakit wlang lalabas na skill !!

  • PAtched!!!!! Soul Crash haS Been Updated!

  • Weqq Weqq