Soul Crash Cheats // Level hack

soul crash level hack

soul crash – New level hack 2012

Soul Crash Cheats // Level hack

Tested and Working as of 04/23/2012


Tools :

If the charles doesn’t show the money tab


  1. Go to SC (Soul Crash).
  2. Open Charles (Charles Web Proxy debugger).
  3. Go to battle.
  4. After winning the battle, don’t click DONE yet.
  5. Go back to Charles and expand > ‘http://sc.gaiainteractivegames‘ > sc
  6. Now find the SAVE_LEVEL.
  7. Right click on it and select ‘Repeat Advance
  8. Iteration: 1000 | Concurrency : 100.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Then click DONE.
  11. After the, go back to battle again.
  12. Finish the Battle and you will level up.
  13. HAVE FUN 🙂

Just repeat step 7 to 10 after winning the battle

Thats all, as of now the max level is 29

  • create video plz

  • Tae

    will this affect the stat?

  • Tae

    instant level up. u dont have stats per win like the others. dont do it.

  • Lelouch_Bmthai

    instant level up and about the free stat by level gaved,just battle again without using cheat.

  • can u make cheat for astro garden? pls sir…

  • Upb_ping2x

    add me

  • Susususuuss

    sir when i disabled the secure browsing there’s no popup data

  • This is always already know

  • Random Guest

    I have a different level hack, the one where you can control it to not gain any levels, useful for farming consecutive wins.

  • No

    i can’t Found http://sc.gaiainteractivegames Why ?

  • Asdf123


  • EpicayShe

    can any budy help me i have do this hack at 29 lvl and get exp and i reload the page after that i have kill the boss but i cant get the treasure because that gives the game eror.. i cant finish the lvl …

  • SamuelJonas

    no working all ways says soul crash is updated

  • Irfan

    it work. you must refresh an then look your stat point

  • Soul Crash Hack — Tnx Bro

    Its Work , even the error will apear ..!!!
    Tnx Man /—//


    dont work

  • wish this would be still updated

  • ruserssd

    not work idiot fack ur mother facker

  • ruserssd

    search watch this….then have fun

  • shiroisenkou

    soul crash game has been update.., please update your cheat

  • tisan cristensen

    not work bro>>