Soul Crash Cheats // Energy Hack

Soul Crash Cheat Cash Items Hacks


Credits: dlaregian017

Tested and Working as of 05/07/2012

Tools :

If the charles doesn’t show the buy_item


  1. Go to SC (Soul Crash).
  2. Open Charles (Charles Web Proxy debugger).
  3. In Charles expand > ‘http://sc.gaiainteractivegames‘ > ‘sc‘.
  4. Right click ‘energy_update‘ and select Breakpoints.
  5. Right click ‘energy_update‘ again and select repeat.
  6. The breakpoints tab will appear.
  7. Execute it once.
  8. Then go to Edit Response > XML Text > Edit 0 to 9 in energy
  9. Click execute.
  10. Now right click the last “update energy” in your charles. Then choose Save response. Save it in your desktop.
  11. REMOVE THE BREAKPOINT in update_energy. (To remove Right click energy_update and select Breakpoints)
    Right click any “update_energy” in your charles. Then choose Map local. A pop up box will appear.
    Click browse and look for the “update_energy” file that you save in your desktop. Double click the file.
  13. Right click energy_update and select Breakpoints.
  14. Right click energy_update again and select repeat.
  15. Execute it twice. (this mean let it normally load)
  16. Right click ‘energy_update‘ again and select repeat.
  17. The breakpoints tab will appear.
  18. Execute it once.
  19. Then go to Edit Response > XML Text > Edit 0 to 9 in energy
  20. <XML>
    <ENERGY>0</ENERGY> <— change to 9
  21. Now go to battle

Every battle just repeat step 14 – 19.
Soul Crash Energy #4 Credits:RheGa

  1. Right click on any record. ex :inven, quest, user or wahtever and click edit.
  2. Click url on the right window.
  3. Change that Path to ‘/sc/go_quest’.
  4. Now click the text tab.
  5. Replace any text on that with this user_id=YOURFBIDHERE&tag=2&index=12&value=1
    search on google for how to find your fb id
  6. Click execute.
  7. Do the steps 1 to 5 and change  user_id=YOURFBIDHERE&tag=2&index=21&value=0
  8. Click execute again.
  9. Now right click the 2  go_quest and select Repeat Adv.

Simple Energy and Stones #3

  1. Open Charles
  2. Okay Soul Crash
  3. In charles expand “” and “sc” folder
  4. You will see “energy” > right click and select “breakpoints”
  5. Refresh browser
  6. Breakpoints tab will appear.
  7. Click “execute”
  8. Click “edit response” tab and “text” tab
  9. Edit the value there for your energy. (this is not permanent)
  10. Click “execute”
  11. Play battle

that’s it. after every one battle repeat it again starting from step 5.
remember not to remove breakpoints ever. unless you don’t need it.
if you have removed the breakpoints from energy xml, you need to do it right from the start again. but if the breakpoints is not removed, you can start from step #5 every time you play.


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  • Ninja

    it work.. but after all .. my energy go to – and when u refresh it stay – 😀 .. now we cant play 😀

    • thx 4 ur comment 🙂 haha I will not dare to try it

      • Miko

        try it u can still play u just have to wait

  • Okkin_freak

    if you want unlimited energy and +9 weapon on Soulcrash just pm at facebook :3

  • Bladezoner

    how to get stone?

  • guyz this is the perma energy and enchant stone hack + instant level hack….……. wish you all goodluck! Just follow the instructions there carefully…. max level now is 29… cant do lvl 30 boss hunt….:(……. add me in fb……………

  • by the way,,, i got energy 2×100 and 600+ enchant stones….. no worry enchanting my samurai sword to the MAX!!!!! 1 GOLD sTAR>>. as of now its rank 7 with a picture of 2 silver stars!! 🙂

    • wjdoid

      how :l

  • Outlaw

    is this work???

  • outlaw

    what should i use??
    3.6.5 or 3.5.1?? tell me asap