Soul Crash Cheats // Enchant Stones Hack

Soul Crash Cheat Cash Items Hacks

Soul Crash Cheats

Soul Crash Cheats // Enchant Stones Hack


Tested and Working as of 04/26/2012


Tools :

If the charles doesn’t show the money tab


  1. First Open Charles
  2. Go to Soul Crash
  3. Expand
  4. Select money
  5. Right click and select Edit
  6. Go to Url Tab at the bottom
  7. Change /sc/money to /sc/go_quest
  8. Now go to text tab
  9. Replace any text on that with this user_id=xxx&tag=2&index=21&value=0
  10. Change Those xxx With your fb id
  11. Then click Execute
  12. After that you will find go_quest
  13. Right click on it and Select Repeat Advanced
  14. Put 200 or 300 on Iterations then click ok
  15. Wait until Its done!! and That’s It!!! You will get 500 to 600 Enchant Stones
  • Yourfan

    tnx your very AWESOME!!!!!

  • aiman

    thanx.!! now i have 5258 echant stones 🙂 my onyx blade was at the final level thank u so much

  • put a video pliz

  • Bgahasd

    Thanks men your the best~!

  • Kristinajhane

    its not working. do you have video?
    do i need to breakpoint? or execute after
    i find go_quest? how do i know if its already done
    please help me

  • Haron

    i have 500 stones but i cant enchant my sword..
    wat happen?

  • Pogiako

    i got 5k enchant stones

  • Pogiako

    I got energy HACK too

  • Arcelcanlas

    i CAnt Use My Enchant Stones!! Please Help!!

  • Follower

    best as always

  • wankram

    make a video

    • facebookhax

      ill make if i have time

  • my money 0 then change stillget 0 how??

  • make that xxx to fb name or soulcrash

  • we only can use firefoxe and mozilla cannot??

  • Haron

    u have the stones but u can’t use it 🙁

  • Euree007

    it is so simple, i’ve use
    this hack many times

  • aaaaaads

    Don’t think it works anymore…at least not for me


    this has been patched, just last night -_-

  • Minh_kute2002

    not work any more

  • Jorvoqz_11

    is this working to google chrome ?

  • where can i find my fb id??

    • henry

      where you found it ?

  • where can i found my fb id??

  • Doordie24

    not working na xa..

  • Jeanclude_bakug

    awwwwwwwww wew

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  • put Video Pls Fb hax yur THe best hacker in the ph

  • TRUE the item hack is now still not working

  • the GM in soul crash is now know the cheat if banned

  • i buying sword because not still working

  • i fighting the boss my charles is close because after the fighting im lose and error

  • my soul crash is slowing load

  • shit soul crash has been updated shit im banned

  • hey the hack is working just right but now soul crash know this hack and every time i go to battle it keeps getting an error and soul crash said that they know everyone who hacks and they will ban the hackers later today so can you make an action for this we count on you sir

  • Michaelbryanargente

    gus2 ko cheat

  • eahm

    not work…??

  • henry

    where can i find my fb id?

  • henry

    my money become 0 and cash become 0 ?

  • ano po ba ang password..
    plss lng pow…