Soul Crash Cheats // Cash Items Hack + VIDEO

Soul Crash Cheat Cash Items Hacks

Soul Crash Cheats – Cash Items Hacks

Soul Crash Cheats // Cash Items Hacks

Credits: sorcL

Tested and Working as of 04/22/2012


if the charles doesn’t show the money tab

Tools :


      1. Go to SC (Soul Crash)
      2. Open Charles (Charles Web Proxy debugger)
      3. Go to Shop > VIP
      4. In Charles expand > ‘http://sc.gaiainteractivegames‘.
      5. Right click the money and select breakpoints [SEE IMAGE BELOW]
      6. Click the Cash Item what you want. Note you must buy the item one by one
      7. The breakpoints tab will appear. > Execute 1 time
      8. Click ‘Edit Response’ > ‘XML Text‘.
      9. Change the <CASH>????</CASH> to <CASH>30000</CASH>.
        This is not permanent but it allows you to buy the CASH item permanently.

        Soul Crash Cheats

        Soul Crash Cheats – Cash Items Hack

      10. Now click buy. The game will get an error. Do NOT refresh yet
      11. In charles expand >
      12. Right click the “buy_item” and select breakpoints[SEE IMAGE BELOW]

        Soul Crash Cheats

        Soul Crash Cheats – Cash Items Hacks

      13. Remove the breakpoints for the “money” and you can refresh the game now…
        To remove, Right click money and select breakpoints
      14. Go to Shop > VIP again
      15. Set breakpoints to the money again.
      16. Repeat Steps 5 to 10 now.
      17. Go back to soul crash and hit buy.
      18. Go to charles and the breakpoints buy_item tab will appear.
      19. Go to Edit Request > FORM
      20. Change the  “Count=1” to  “Count=0” and “Value=1” to “Value=0

        Soul Crash Cheats

        Soul Crash Cheats – Cash Items Hacks

      21. Click execute 2 times.
      22. Now you can remove the breakpoints

You are now wearing the CASH ITEM.

Just repeat steps 14-20 when you have the buy_item on your breakpoint.

Change the index no.

Gundam Set Permanent

  • 340 Gundam Sets
  • 341
  • 342
  • 343
  • 344
  • 345
  • 346
  • 347
  • 348 Gundam Weps

Onyx Set Permanent

  • 391 Onyx Set
  • 393
  • 396
  • 395
  • 392
  • 390
  • 397 Onyx Weps

Strong Weapons Permanent

  • 455 Mystic Blade
  • 456 Aqua Jet
  • 457 Earth Saber
  • 458 Fire Axe

You can get more codes from download link above

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  • LaLu

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  • pls post video

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  • Vicrawwrrrr

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  • yusuf agio but he cant cp Thank you in advance what should I do gelmiyo options

  • Doordie24

    how to do this

    “Go to privacy setting > security > secure browsing and uncheck the ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’ > SAVE”

    charles 3.5.2 didnt have Privacy settings help me please..

  • Doordie24

    i can see the money
    but can’t see the ‘buy_item’
    who can help me?

  • Guest

    You need to disable SSL 3.0 in your browser security settings if you want ti remove https:// everywhere. Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption -> Protocols -> ‘uncheck Use SSL 3.0’

  • yusuf

    Is there someone there who can help, but charles
    No options face

  • yusuf

    Is there someone there who can help, but charles
    No options face


  • facebookhax

    to find money just remove the ‘s’ in https on your address bar to withous s

  • Doordie24

    I already find the “money” but the “buy_item” not showing

    • NOOBKA

      you can find buy_item after you do the 1 to 10 step

      • Doordie24

        I already click the buy button but no “buy_item” appears

        • facebookhax

          buy_item will appear after you click the buy in game

          • Doordie24

            ok when the “buy_item” appear the game said..
            “Soul crash has been updated..”
            what do i need to do?

          • facebookhax

            just breakpoints it

        • facebookhax

          buy_item will appear after you click the buy in game

    • thats also my problem

    • Emogamer

      if u refresh the application the buy item will show it

    • Kristinajhane

      me too. iv done step 1-10 after i click buy.
      my Soul crash didnt do anything and i cant
      see the Buy_item on my charles app
      i followed the steps carefully.
      i tried using mozzila and google
      without the s in http:

      any updates? walkthroughts? or vids

      • Wightlion0809

        b4 you click buy you have to execute, well thts wat I did you’ll find buy_item

    • Dorodie24

      I already solve this..
      do the step 1-10.. if you do that correctly buy_item will show

  • Helpme

    please help me guys. i was on the step 6, 7 and 8
    after i click breakpoint 1 time
    it didnt show up
    Click ‘Edit Response’ > ‘XML Text‘.
    i cant edit the response.. all i see is Response and
    at the top. there is no Edit response after
    i click Breakpoint

    • Ayiep

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  • i need help when i click the shop and go to VIP my charles didnt appear any of your picture above

    there is but not those money buy item like that etc.

    i was stock and cannot move on to another steps

    HELP need reply before it expires

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  • d@mn. even if you got the cash items when you refine it you cannot improve the level of the weapon and in the inventory you will see that the item duplicates and you cant sell the duplicated item…. 🙁

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    it’s working.. thnx facebookhax..
    but one question??
    yo cant buy 1set of VIP right?
    like ELX samurai..
    you need to buy it one by one.. ??

    • facebookhax

      yeah buy it one by one

  • Khu_jie

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  • It WORKED………………THANKS…………:))

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  • OwqijeoO

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      you must buy the item one buy one

      • OwqijeoO

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  • darwin

    why cant sell my item xD help me

    • facebookhax


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      no need, it will just expire after 30mins and you can open it again

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  • Mayu

    where can I find privacy settings in chrome?

    • facebookhax

      just remove the s in https to appear money and buy_item

      • Mayu

        I remove the s in http but when the game load it just came back to https

        also I cant find money and buy in http://sc.gaiainteractivegames only default inside

        • Mayu

          btw what charles version your using? mine is 3.6.4

          • Mayu

            Ohh, nvm FBhax the Cheat is just working on New FB account my old account can’t find money and buy while my 1 year old account find it 🙂

  • Bladezoner

    even i expand n Charles expand > ‘http://sc.gaiainteractivegames‘.>sc/ all ican see is config_xml

    • facebookhax

      read the tutorial above

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  • What if the Item I want is not on the VIP? is it possible?

  • soul crasherrr

    if you want another trick….. after you do step 1-10. do remove the breakpoint tab on money then refresh the game… after find but_item and right click and click edit response… change value and count to 0…..

  • marSKie RBOT

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  • Asd

    I tried this cheat to buy energy and it works
    but my problem is every-time i use the energy (max+1 or full energy) my total energy become negative (-740)

    • Ykeweá

      That’s because you can’t buy countable items such as energy or stones.

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    money tab still doesn’t shows up even i uncheck the ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https)..

  • zero39k

    money tab doesn’t show up even i uncheck the ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) in security.. help

  • Blackheart Badboyckc

    THX!!!!its work!!!!!!!!!now i got all VIP stuff >.<..pls make enchant hack next^^,v

  • Hahaha i know why i can’t enchant my weapon to level 2 and just upgrade to level 1.. If you want to enchant check your inventory there will be 2 weapon.. one is enchanted and one is Normal (non enhcant) soo you just sell Normal( unenchanted ) and you’ll be able to upgrade weapon.. Every you enhcant the upgrade level isn’t increase the level upgrade just increase ammount of your weapon hahaha
    Sorry for my bad english

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    if u use chrome breakpoint of buy_item will not appear , so use Firefox 🙂

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