Phantom Chronicle Cheats – Critical, Stamina, Exp & Crystal Hack V16

Chrono Blade Hacks - Ultimate Cheat

Phantom Chronicle Cheats – Critical, Stamina, Exp & Crystal Hack

This cheat has been tested and working as of 6/27/15

You can PM me if the cheat got patched!

This cheat Phantom Chronicles hack required Cheat Engine and CT file that can be downloaded from the links below.

Updated to Phantom Chrome Hack V16 CT check below.

Phantom Chronicles Cheat Tools:

Activate the cheat when the game is fully loaded!

Phantom Chronicles Cheat  Features:

  • Critical Damage Hack
  • Stamina
  • Get +1 Crystal
  • Card Exp Player
  • Card Exp Multiplier

Below Tutorial Phantom Chronicle  Hack Steps: 

  1. Download the Cheat CT FILE from links above
  2. Go to Criminal Case – Click here
  3. Open Cheat Engine 6.4
  4. Find and Attach process
    • Watch the video below for chrome.exe)
    • plugin-container.exe for firefox or the 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin..exe
  5. Open the file that you’ve downloaded (Ctrl+O)
  6. When the game is fully loaded, tick the boxes below active tab
  7. If X it means successful activated


Watch Video Below For Clear Tutorial!

Phantom Chronicle Cheats – Critical, Stamina, Exp & Crystal Hack

Steps: Trainer

  1. Play Phantom Chronicle on Facebook – CLICK HERE
  2. Open the trainer that you just download
  3. Select browser (Firefox, Chrome or Explorer) and then click ‘Attach’ > Continue
  4. Choose hack that you want and select Enable Cheat or Simple click on Enable all cheats.
  5. Enjoy!

  • MasterNet

    Patched. Please update.

  • Gaza

    Stamina is not working ! Please check it.

  • Gaza

    Patched on August 06, 2014

  • Gaza

    Please show us what we should look for in the swf to get the new codes. Thanks.

  • PA

    Please update.

  • PA

    Stamina is not working ! Please check it.

  • aaa

    it says updated 08/09 but it doesnt work.

  • dfgdfgsd

    stamina doesnt work :/

  • Gaza

    Stamina can’t be hacked anymore it seems.

  • aaa

    they need to update the hack :/

  • Gaza

    It’s updated, and the code is well replaced in the hex from the swf, but it seems that Stamina is server side now like the crystal, so it’s can’t be hacked anymore.

  • sadfas

    we need an update common guys

  • updatepls

    update please

  • ergwt

    lvl up card doesnt work, only 1hit kill hack works…

  • gsdgsd

    needs update!

  • yoyoyo

    update for crystal hack please

  • Muhammet Ali Sengul

    Update pls

  • ken

    update hack +1 crystal. plz ! not exsist !

  • grfet

    hi. Last update was at 2015 06 27 and now 2015 07 23… soon 1 months and no update, so do something guys, ty so much