• Google Chrome
  • Fiddler2 – [LINK]
  • Winrar – [32bit] or [64bit]
  • FILE – [LINK] // Wait the timer > Click download > Click download between 2 ads

Fiddler Setting
Click Tools > Fiddler Options > Check Capture HTTPS CONNECTs > Check Decrypt HTTPS Traffic


  1. Play Pet Society (let it load).
  2. Open Fiddler > Autoresponder > Check ‘Enable Auto…‘ and ‘Unmatched req…‘.
  3. Find (Ctrl+F) ‘TiaOyAzrtq’
  4. Right click > Copy >Just url.
  5. Click ‘Add’ in the autoresponder.
  6. Click Link (Exact…).
  7. Click on the second down arrow beside SAVE.
  8. Select the file that you have just downloaded from link above.
  9. Clear browser cache (the most important).
  10. Reload Pet Society > Go to Shopmystery, shopGarden or Cafe
  11. Have FUN

Fiddler tutorial –

How to clear browser cache?

Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now

Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache

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    Mine says cant find the session please help!

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    not working men