Outernauts Cheats – Star Gems, Exp, and Gold hack

Outernauts Cheats

Outernauts Cheats – Star Gems, Exp, and Gold hack
Tested and working as of 9.24.13



  1. Open Cheat Engine.
  2. Value Type “Array of Bytes
  3. Watch the video to see how to find correct process for google chrome – Click her
  4. Go to Outernauts on facebook – Click here
  5. While the Game is still Loading, you must tick Enable Speed hack and set to the to “0” then click Apply.
  6. First Scan: Download Scan Code – Click here
  7. Double click address found.
  8. Change the value to: Download Replace Code – Click here
  9. Disable Speedhack, change back the value to 1.0 or just untick/uncheck the box.
  10. Do A Simple Task like (Digging Grass , Etc….)
  11. If you want to get the Star Gems you must buy something with Stars Gems and see the changes.
  12. or Click Full Health or Full Stamina If you have only 1 or 2 Star Gems)
  13. Enjoy!

Watch the video for clear tutorial. 😀

Outernauts Cheat, Star Gems, Exp, Gold hack