Ninja Saga Cheats // 9 TAILED FOX

Ninja Saga Cheats // 9 TAILED FOX hack


Steps :

  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Open Fiddler2 > Autoresponder
  3. Drag the file that you’ve just download from link above and drag it in autoresponder
  4. Clear browser cache [Ctrl + Shift + Delete]
  5. Go To hunting house
  6. Click To Ginkotsu and then Attack
  7. Then kill 9 Tail
  8. DONE!

Credit:Flash Force K.A.H

  • Anonymous


  • Aaa

    leech from

    • JanJan Tandog

      they already put credits on it.. and its not from appzxor.. its from FLASH-FORCES.BLGOSPOT.COM

  • Ijyalung

    whats the use of this cheat/hack it just change the apperance of ginkotsu same expi same gold its none sense……..but tnks anyway =)

  • Marokoyka

    i tot its 9tail fox gift?

  • Bene_xict

    Is there 1hit hack in nija saga???

  • Ijyalung

    duh there is noob
    using cheat engine wahahaha ad me in FB ill show you how…. -=)

  • bene_xict

    well, I tried to search on google >.>

  • Yhan

    i cant download the SWF file !

  • Teache

    Clear browser cache [Ctrl + Shift + Delete I cant Delete Why?

    • Aztig