Ninja Saga Attributes, DarkNPC, HacK

Credits: Osama Hantash
Ninja Saga Attributes Hack



1. Clear Cache Ctrl+Shift+Delete
2.Open Fiddler2
3. Open Ninja Saga
4. Drag All the files to the Auto Responder in Fiddler2
5. Clear Cache Again
6. Refresh Ninja Saga
7. Go to Academy, Recuite Friends or Mission Room
Happy Hacking 😀
  • oyebaby

    It’s working 100%!!thanks 😀

  • oyebaby

    It’s working 100%!!thanks 😀

  • Cokepogi_25

    is perm or not

  • Jasontricor

    it works like charm

  • delsantos

    When i refresh game doesn’t open until i close Fiddler 2……Video please

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  • Hyperia_ian1

    its working perfectly thanks a lot 😀

  • Mechquesttrainer

    Works perfectly.Keep up the good work!

  • momtaz

    works fine thank you man

  • LurEsCoUt

    where’s the video?

  • LurEsCouT

    no thanks i got it man thanks very much

  • Hyperia_ian1

    need an update for attributes 😀

    may you please lower the value,

    may it be a 9999 value for all element and 100 for wind 😀

    thanks in advance !

  • Wtypee

    Can’t DL the Java ?