Monster Legends Cheats – 30 Gems hack

Dragon City

Monster Legends Cheats – 30 Gems hack
Tested and working as of 10/24/13

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Note: Don’t leave the game while you do cheat!


  • 30 Gems hack // Click Here
  • Google Chrome or any browsers


  1. Click on hack links above!
  2. Go to Monster Legends.
  3. Right click on white part of browser and select ‘View Frame Source
  4. Ctrl+F and then then type sessionId and userId 
  5. (copy their values and then paste them into dragon city gems hack)
  6. Or How to find Userkey and FBID – CLICK HERE
  7. Click on Button
  8. Wait about 30sec and then reload game.
  9. Enjoy!

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  • Pucky Ku

    I want a link to hack gold and food in Monster Legends …. 🙁

  • logi

    i cant find sessionId

  • Drag Alin

    it works but u need to be lvl 15 cause i used on lv1 and i got 30 gem and 1m xp and when i reload again it takes me to lv1

  • Drag Alin

    just once or we can use it more times?

    • MAdalin Vlad

      Doar o singura data….
      Only just once 🙁

  • John Ross Talaga Derez

    how to do 5-9

  • hamod


  • indra

    Thanks It’s Work ^_^

  • akosijandrei

    wheres the hack in above?