Monster Fusion Cheat // Battle Points Hack

Tools :


  1. Go to the game (in your Battle Points, you have 5 or 4 or anything..)
  2. Go to Battle
  3. Open Cheat Engine, Click the blinking box
  4. Then Select your browser (for firefox = plugin-container.exe, if google chrome = 3rd or 4th chrome.exe)
  5. scan the value of your Battle Points.. FIRST SCAN
  6. then, scan again the new value after the battle
  7. keep on scanning until you will get the address
  8. drag all the addresses below.
  9. then FREEZE it…
  • Neoshinnkun

    do you have vid for this??

  • jedi

    lols i try this yesterday but its not working!!

  • Sarmiento Allen

    not working

  • Alejandrodhevega

    not working

  • I think is not working :S

  • Johnadad11

    you are all weak you didnt now it will work

  • Baguiotech

    i tried freezing the battle points but its giving an error

    • Baguiotech

      it shows i fot 2/5 BP because i freeze it, but when i use it it says i dont have bp left and that i need to buy again , anything i did wrong? help

  • Gmzkeann16

    not working.. can you please give us a generator without answering any surveys..