Marvel Avengers Alliance – Free Gifts

Marvel Avengers Alliance – Free Gifts


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small Energy Marvel Avengers Alliance small Energy Marvel Avengers Alliance


shawarama Marvel Avengers Alliance


shawarama Marvel Avengers Alliance


regalos Marvel Avengers Alliance


shawarama Marvel Avengers Alliance


Medium Energy Marvel Avengers Alliance


shawarama Marvel Avengers Alliance


regalos Marvel Avengers Allianceshawarama Marvel Avengers Alliancesmall Energy Marvel Avengers Alliance


shawarama Marvel Avengers Allianceregalos Marvel Avengers Alliancefive battle Marvel Avengers Alliance


Marvel Avengers Alliance – Free Gifts list

Fantastic Formula – Click here

1x Spiderman-Sense Injector – Spiderman-Sense Injector

Spiderman-Sense Injector – Spiderman-Sense Injector

4000 Free Silver - 4000 Free Silver
1x kick start - 1x kick start
1000 Free Silver - 1000 Free Silver
50 Command Points - 50 Command Points
60 free energy - 60 free energy 
X-Play X-Ploiter - X-Play X-Ploiter
1x gold - 1x gold
1x X-Play X-Ploiter - 1x X-Play X-Ploiter

25 x Unstable Iso-8 25 x Unstable Iso-8

5x Unstable Iso-8 - 5x Unstable Iso-8

5x Unstable Iso-8 - 5x Unstable Iso-8

1x Unstable Iso-8 - 1x Unstable Iso-8

2500 silver - 2500 silver

1000 silver - 1000 silver

1000 silver - 1000 silver

1000 silver - 1000 silver

1000 silver - 1000 silver

1000 silver - 1000 silver

Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Hacks

trucos Marvel Avengers Alliance regalos

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  • ariek

    please give us a command point, Marvel Avengers

    • HirYu

      please give me a C Points and gold plzzzzzzz

  • Nevermore

    thank you for the gold.
    can you share more gold and S.H.I.E.L.D points to us?

  • Arik

    ok thank you very much 🙂

  • give me command pint in marvel avengers

  • Arik

    please give us gold as much as possible please 🙂 please 🙁

  • Shz

    can you give us command point please :3
    we really2 need it

  • djherny

    please give me gold!!!

  • hi dont know why but when i try to collect free 50 cp MAA appears to be “undergoing maintaince” and game error….why?

  • diomel john escutin

    i want golds or command points please give me … there is problem in the 50 command points MAA appears to be undergoing maintenance and game error

  • why only i cant get those 50 command points?! :/

  • Avengers

    give more golds and comand points plzz

  • diomel john escutin

    the command points is not working … can you update it now?

  • diomel

    can you fix or update it now? as much as possible .. the problem was the command points.. it always GAME ERROR

  • zoilo

    paayos sa command points sira ayaw po magbigay nageeror paayos po plzz

  • Arik

    give more golds and comand points plzz

  • joshua

    this good..

  • Hellrtd

    …Highly doubt that these guys make the gift links, they just post the existing ones.. so no point telling them that the “50 Command Points” link is not working!

  • pricelee

    wala po bang avenger coins?

  • i cant get the command point

  • Jeb

    It always says that It’s already claimed .. I waited for almost 1 month already .. ??

  • goodbata

    di na gumagana ang lethax.. T_T

  • Baim

    thanks .

  • Gift not found Wtf ????!

  • yeah.. long time i’m waiting..

  • thanks very much 🙂

  • MarcoDeath

    Hey guys,i tried to get the command points and i cant!It says GAME ERROR,WE APOLOGIZE etc…Please update this because we really need them!Thank you

  • plz i need unstable iso 8 like 50000 and it should be working

  • most links for marvel say: REWARD NOT FOUND..

  • Renz Rivera

    pusang iring halaw

  • hao

    This is fantastic! For Being a loyal player I got rewarded 5 times with 100 Gold.. I started to love playdom 🙂