Margaritaville on Facebook

Lock up your grandmas! Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Online is coming to the Facebooks, the iPads and the iPods. The wizened singer-songwriter is lending his name and vision to a THQ produced tropical island themed social game that promises to capture the unique, sun-burned, carefree lifestyle that office drones of a certain age yearn for,

“The Margaritaville laidback state of mind is inherently social, and THQ has captured the spirit of that lifestylbut will never experience. It will be available in fall 2011.e in this game,” said Buffett in a press release.  “With Margaritaville Online, fans across the globe can party together any time and any place.”

While we have not played the game, if you’d like to experience a reasonable facsimile of how I believe it will play, listen to this MIDI recording of Margaritaville on a continuous loop and imagine a 53 year old man drinking cheap rum in a rundown suburban house, getting progressively drunker, thinking about a girl he once wanted to kiss a long, long time ago.

I kid! I’m sure it will be an awesomely cool social game that everyone will want to play. According to the game’s press release, “Margaritaville Online players can party in paradise with friends, build a bar, form a band, throw parties and embark on tropical adventures in an open world full of island entertainment and playful mini-games.” In other words, fun![read more]

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