Lucky Space on Facebook

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Another addictive game on facebook.

Travel to a world unlike ours in the new game Lucky Space on Facebook! Get your first taste of the gameplay in this trailer.

We also do our best to make a cheat/hack. :).

  • Hta1993_cool

    please make the cheat please 😀

    • anon

      2 months n i still dnt see a hack… cnt take that long… my friend can hack wow in a couple weeks… these ppl slackin…

  • Anrelpogiagusdan

    Make some cheat in this game And please be Fast!!!!!

  • Mandirigma

    dont rush them… you dont have right to command them

  • Fr33k1ll

    Is the hack ready ??

  • Fr33k1ll

    I need to hack can`t wait XD