Kingsbridge Cheats – Units HP & Range Hack 2015

Facebook Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Cheats – Units HP & Range Hack

Tested and working as of 2015

Kingsbridge By this cheat you can win the battle easily and become stronger.


  • Immortal Units
  • Unit Range Hack

Tools required:

  • Firefox, Chrome
  • Download Trainer (Use the password above) – Click here
  • Trainer links – Click here or Click here
  • Wait 5-7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download > wait a few secs again and then click download between 2 boxes.

Google Chrome = chrome.exe

Firefox = plugin_container.exe


  1. Download the trainer from the links above.
  2. Go to Kingsbridge on facebook – Click here
  3. Open the trainer
  4. Choose your browser (Chrome, firefox…Etc..)
  5. Enable desired cheats
  6. Enjoy!

Dungeon Rampage Video Tutorial: Download the video or just wait it to be uploaded on youtube – Click here


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