How to protect facebook account through hackers?


How does it works?:

Actually, when your facebook password will lost, you can easily Hit “FORGOT PASSWORD” for reseting a new password. But what if you forgot the password of your email like yahoomail or gmail? Then, youre now hopeless because you cant access it anymore. But let me tell you that Hackers can easily hacked a facebook accounts if they only knew your Email. Do you believe??? Well, me I believe that its working perfectly.. I already tried the email hacking but sad to say, I don’t want to hack facebook account. If hackers also knew your informations like secret questions, answers, and even the alternate email, they can easily access yur account. What I mean is, YOU SHOULD UPDATE YOUR EMAILS. And baes on the chart, HACKERS can also Hacked facebook accounts if they knew your ALTERNATE EMAIL.


You will see an Alternate Email or encounter this word when you are under registration in YAHOO or GMAIL. If you are using or registering a yahoo mail for the confirmation of your facebook account, you will see an “ALTERNATE EMAIL” meaning “RECOVERY EMAIL” in Gmail :D. If your facebook email is:, you are using yahoo mail. But if  your email is,  you are using Gmail. Now in yahoomail they ask an “ALTERNATE EMAIL”and in Gmail, they ask a “RECOVERY EMAIL” Before I forgot, Recovery email or Alternate email must be registered so that if you forgot the password of your facebook, you can claim it to your registered email, but if your registered email lost also the password, you can claim your registered email password to your registered ALTERNATE EMAIL. I recommend you Readers to use gmail as a primary email of your facebook or recovery email because it is safe to use and easy to apply. You can also lock your Gmail so that only you can open except the Hackers… And that’s how the chart goes on..

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  • Anonymous

    unfortunately, a loophole can be found in facebook where if a hacker once added a new email, he/she can retrieve you’re password whenever you changed it again, even if you removed his email. the email being sent when ever somebody altered your info in the SAME email. so, the link also works. i wonder when will fb fix this.

    • @anonymous: but once you delete your primary email or another email in your fb, the deleted emails will not worked anymore… 😀 so its still okie…

      • Anonymous

        thats what i thought too, im a hacker myself, but still even if the email was removed, the link still works. tried and tested. 🙂

    • Fbhax

      i know how to protect your facebook account from hackers…
      but not like that way.
      by the way i’m a hacker too! hahaha

      • hahahaha….. we have different and brilliant minds… 😀 this is the way i protect my fb (Emocheater)