Garden world hacks – Cash + Gold + Exp cheat



  1. Open Charles
  2. Go into Garden World
  3. In Charles, Find and Expand the “” > “amfphp/
  4. Right click the first “gateway.php” then select “Breakpoints
  5. Now refresh Garden World (F5) (The game will freeze on the loading)
  6. You should now see a “Breakpoints” tab in Charles
  7. Now Click “Execute”, Another breakpoint appeared
  8. Click “Edit Response” > “AMF
  9. Now you can edit the data such as [Coins,Exp and Cash] (in EXP change the String refernce to string and put the value to 200K )
  10. Once you are Done, Click the red button to disable the breakpoint and click execute
  11. Do anything to save the game then click log off
  12. Upon refresh the Coins, Exp and Cash will remain