Farmville Hacks – easy 200 FV cash

Credits : Danialove@comunidadfarmville // fhax4u

Note :

  • This is for new user only
  • Make a new account then Send all gifts to your main account!.EASY?

For those creating new account, Do NOT click ‘Allow

    Tools : // Firefox and Charles Web Debugger

    Steps ; by Deokman@fhax4u

    1. Open Charles Web Debugger
    2. Go to market > Decoration and find the ‘Carrier Pigeons’
    3. In Charles, Find and expand this line ‘
    4. Rightclick ‘flashservices’ then choose breakpoints
    5. Hit on ‘Allow Emails’ at ‘Carrier Pigeons’
    6. Click ‘update’ > ‘Allow’ > ‘Okay’
    7. A breakpoints tab will appear on charles
    8. Click on ‘Edit Request’ > ‘AMF’
    9. Scroll down to see ‘params’ then expand
    10. Change the ‘pigeon’ to ‘consume_cash_7eleven_200’
    11. Hit Execute TWO2 times,
    12. Click on the RED BUTTON to remove the Breakpoints
    13. Reload the game, (The 200 FVcash is in your Giftbox)
    14. Watch the video 4 clear tutorial.
    15. Have FUN!

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