Dungeon Rampage Cheats – Ultimate Hack CT (Updated 06/27/14)

Dungeon Rampage Cheats – Ultimate Hack CT Tested and working June 27, 2014 Credits: panraven

Some the cheats might work when you in the battle.

Some of the cheats might be enabled only when you in the battle!!!


  • Player Rapid x8
  • Fast Movement x5
  • Projectile Chains & Pierce
  • Large AOE area , note: originally axe/sword melee attack is a rotated rectangular aoe, this cheat make melee hit everything in line of sight.
  • Default Zoom Factor (0.866->0.3) Map View Wider
  • Charged Attack (if available)
  • Ignore mana (hero’s mana will decrease, but skill spawn even not enough mana)
  • Free Chest Key + 1Mil Coin Dragon Knight
  • Wider autoaim area
  • AoE through Wall



  1. Download the cheat file from link above.
  2. Go to Dungeon Rampage on facebookClick here
  3. Open Cheat Engine
  4. Choose process. How to find the correct process – Click here
  5. Press CTRL+O and then select the file that that you downloaded…
  6. Check the boxes below ACTIVE TAB.
  7. Enjoy!
  • kingsly mcshine

    no coin or gem hack or booster?

  • Everything

    Is that weird, you gave us a cheat without a download link

  • AWEW

    can you post video on how to get the DK because i don’t think it’s working

    • Good Guy

      No one will respond on you bro because the fucking creator of this cheat is fucking SNOB >.<

  • aaron

    how ca ni use dk

  • nigga

    why i cant check the boxes below? help

  • Chouaib Hit

    thnx its work : 1 hit kill and infinite buster and mana and more 😀