Dragon City Cheats – 50 Gems Hack 07/02/14

Dragon City Cheats – 50 Gems Hack
Tested and working as of 07/02/14

07/02/14- Added new link!!!


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Note: Don’t leave the game while you do cheat!


  1. Click on hack link above!
  2. Go to Dragon City.
  3. Right click on white part of browser and select ‘View Frame Source
  4. Ctrl+F and then then type sessionId and userId 
  5. (copy their values and then paste them into dragon city gems hack)
  6. Or How to find Userkey and FBID – CLICK HERE
  7. Click on Submit Button
  8. Wait about 30 seconds and then reload game.
  9. Enjoy!


  • rem

    cant work….

  • Work hack

    Work 🙂 X)

  • Loco Sin Idea

    dont work keep refreshing every 15 seconds

  • mark

    its not working! what should i do?

  • Cris John Lop

    its work

  • Cris John Lop

    thx work hack

    • Des Jozef

      Hello ,,

      How it worked with you ? It didn’t with me !

    • dew

      how its work???

  • anonymous 01

    can u use this more than one?

  • mark

    50 gems is added in the cheat but i reloaded dragon city and nothing is added! pls update

    • Des Jozef

      Exactly , what happens to me ,, sorry if you think my reply is spam !

  • noel valdivia

    all links doesnt work

  • Loco Sin Idea

    link dosent work

  • jake

    the link was error?

  • hudaibiyah

    what is proxy?

  • thehood09

    FBID EMPTY OR BAD USER_KEY OR BAD PROXY … thought i have right id and key…

  • Kevin

    The link from “Dragon City Up to 100 Gems For Free” seemd to have some effects: when first trying to get gems it seemed to have added gems. Clicking it again, however made it decrease to something beneath what I already had, resulting in a loss.

    It furthermore seems to only result in a dead session, casing the game to restart and not willing to reload (at least not for a long while).

  • Kenangan Diantara Kita

    The link From ” Dragon City Up To 100 Gems For Free ”

    Work 100% for now

  • dhen pras

    1000 gems

  • nuhhgamer

    when I click on one of those links, nothing appears but a white page! Please help

  • אבן ושיש


  • haikal bajabu

    99999 gems

    • jonathan


  • hechanova21


  • pocholo

    1000 gems

  • muhammad safiq

    1000 gems

  • ryan nak paskur

    10000 gems

  • ChrisColossus

    Auto Submitted more than 12 times…..no gem increase…….something wrong?

  • Guest


  • anthony garcia

    9000000 gem
    9000000 food

  • mige bernabe

    100000000 gems and food

  • Mark Rondel Hipolito


    • joel

      20000 gem

  • riandi

    9000000000000 gems

  • muhammad ihsan

    50000000000 gems

  • jose tulod

    99999999999 gem