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Here, you find the trainers for your favorite facebook games for free. No Survey. 100% Free! = Wait 5 secs and then click on “SKIP AD”v



Visit for tutorials!

Note: Copy the password, do not type it manually in your notepad because it’s case-sensitive


Version = Password

Make sure you don’t copy some spaces. CTRL+F and then your game.

Let’s Fish

Note: When the fish bites, wait between 3-6 seconds before you pull to catch the fish and then let it go you still catch it.

See new full video tutorial -> (Firefox) (chrome)

If you are using Chrome or Opera, the memory-redirect is removed. Shift+ESC to view shockwave process and then convert.

Cheat CT V44 01/11/17 = LF01L14M

Cheat CT V45 01/31/17 = LF01M25N

Go Fishing

CT V6 – Click here or Click here(09/21/16)

Critical Ops

You can attach process after you enter Critical Ops Game

If you restart the game, open cetrainer, re-attach process and then enable hacks. Use Cheat Engine 6.5.1 or 6.6 to avoid lua error

CEtrainer V15 12/09/16= LLM0R9

CEtrainer V16 12/14/16= MMN1P0

Contract Wars 2016

Note: Choose process Firefox(Unity Game). New Video Tutorial added too on cw article. Use Latest CE 6.5.1 or 6.6

CEtrainer V10 01/09/17= CW010917V10

CEtrainer V11 02/02/17= CW020217V11

The King of Towers Cheat

CEtrainer CT V108 12/29/16 = CT122916G

CEtrainer CT V109 02/09/16 = No Password You now extract directly

Kitchen Scramble Cheats

CT CEtrainer V41 01/12/17 = No Pass

8 Ball Pool Line Hack

CT CEtrainer V6 10/10/16= PGQBML3

CT CEtrainer V7 01/20/17= QHRCNO4

Red Crucible 2:

Red Crucible 2 Reloaded 2016

CEtrainer V2 = rcrdv216

CEtrainer V3= rcrdv316

Red Crucible 2  Facebook

Cheat CT V6 = jnzJy

Cheat CT V7 = BuNDf

RC2 Rocketeer Games

Cheat CT V4 = KpUdr

Red Crucible 2 Standalone Client (select process Red Crucible2.exe)

Cheat CT/CEtrainer V1 = KpUdr

UnderFire 2016

CEtrainer V1 01/19/16= IRBVBA

Marvel: Avengers Alliance // V3, Password

CEtrainer 2016 V3 = MAA2016V3

CEtrainer 2016 V4 = MAA2016V4

Trainer Links – Click here or Click here

Dead Route – Unli Ammo

Cheat CT V1V – Click here ALTERNATIVE Click here (04/21/15)

Redshift – GodMode Hack

Cheat CT V11 – Click here ALTERNATIVE Click here (04/21/15)

Tribal Defense – Defense Hack

 CTrainer V1 – Click here ALTERNATIVE Click here (04/21/15)


Cetrainer V1Links – Click here or Click here (01/15/16)

Dead trigger 2 2016

Cetrainer V1 Links – Click here or Click here (01/15/16)

Crazy Kitchen

Cetrainer V1 Links – Click here

Galaxy Control

Cetrainer V1 Links – Click here

Pool Live Pro

CT CEtrainer V113 09/05/16= PLP1130905

CT CEtrainer V114 09/22/16= PLP1140922


CCT CEtrainer V31 09/30/16 = No Pass

Showstopper Basketball Beta

Cheat V3 04/15/15 = BFUyp

Ballistic Cheat

CT V12 04/10/15 = DXxCK

CT V13 06/0215 = sidzd

CT V14 06/27/15 = ytwso


CT and CEtrainer // If you encountered black-screen just don’t enable Auto attack or teleport map

V17 Cheat 9/16/15 = nbgsf

V18 Cheat 05/08/16 = mbjtp

Dead Trigger 2

V5 Cheat CT = NxpMg

V6 Cheat CT = MpzNa

BattleFront Heroes – Idly Towers

V3 Cheat CT = jtzkf

Project Tilt Cheat

Cheat Ctrainer V1 4/06/15 = McShe

Cheat Ctrainer V2 5/21/15 = ovqja

Guns Rush Hack

Cheat Ctrainer V1 4/06/15 = McShe

Vikings Gone Wild – Instant Recruit

Cheat Ct V31 01/04/16 = VGWV310104

Cheat Ct V32 01/08/16 = VGWV320108

Ninja Saga 2016

NS DMG HACK V64 8/05/16 – 80516GIKL

NS DMG HACK V65 8/12/16 – 81216HJLM

The Tribez & Castlez

CT V33 11/19/16 = TBC111916L

CT V34 01/03/17 = TBC010317M


V2 3/30/15 = PLdjd

V3 6/16/15 = hrvxj

Fishing World

Fishing World CT V30 9/06/16 – 90616OECM

Fishing World CT V31 12/13/16 – 21316OFDP

Cower Defense

Attack and Rapid Hack V8 – Click here ALTERNATIVE – Click here

Password = cdfbef8

Castle Clash

CT V1,V2,V3 = 5i6XRefbtQ26yC8Etc2x

V6 CT 3/8/15 = dmHSk

Criminal Case

Criminal Case Energy Hack Links (Tutorial @ Cheat2dmax)

Criminal Case Auto Collect Messages (Tutorial @ Cheat2dmax)

War Commanders 2015

Instant Upgrade Code – Click here ALTERNATIVE – Click here

Social Wars

Social Wars Cheat Link 2015 – Click here

Social Empires

Social Empires Cheat Link 2015 – Click here

Atlantis Adventure // 11/01/14

CT V1 = xpUFimkjBChnSgcjpnnT

Mutants Genetic Gladiators // 10/11/14

October = H8fgYWj2NFtdBwua8UTB

CT V1 = pnrjyKuiAykUR2xCHxyv

Bravo Storm // 10/08/14

V1 = mDFLxQBYxjzSu8cS6zP7

Diggy’s Adventure // 09/29/14


BINGO Blitz // 09/29/14

V1 = EusNqs4tpDT6sKVVJu95

Contract Wars // 12/18/14

CT V4 = azQJg

Trainer V1 03/08/16= MAA2016V1

CEtrainer V6 06/07/16= CW060716V6

CEtrainer V7 06/30/16= CW063016V7

Dungeon Blitz

V1 = WWyfrJd058Tp8sA80TGR

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

V1 = ykfQZxZdIwBV9Mt193BH






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      CEtrainer V15 12/09/16= LLM0R9

      CEtrainer V16 12/14/16= MMN1P0

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