Criminal Case Cheats – Ultimate CT Hack 2016 (UPDATED 07/23/16)

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Criminal Case Cheat Ultimate Hack Updated 2016 Works 100%. by this hack you can finish puzzle, find hidden objects and finish time puzzle easily. This cheat Criminal Case Game CT has been tested and working as of July 09, 2016.

Download all the requirements Cheat Engine and the CT Criminal Case Hack. Activate the cheat when the game is fully loaded! PM me every time cheats get patched. Be on top and beat your friends by this hack!

Features of Cheat Criminal Case:

Hidden Object Scene (Click anywhere)
Time Attack Scene (Click anywhere)
Puzzle Scenes 1 (Move Puzzle anywhere)
Puzzle Scenes 2 (Move Puzzle anywhere)
Spot The Difference (Click anywhere)

Tools required for Criminal Case Cheat:

Steps to use Criminal Case Hack: 

  1. Download the latest version of Criminal Case Cheat CT FILE above.
  2. Download Cheat Engine.
  3. Go to Game –
  4. Attach process id
    • Watch the video below for chrome
    • firefox or the 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin
  5. Open the CT file that you’ve downloaded (Ctrl+O) Shortcut key
  6. When the game is fully loaded, enable the cheats
  7. Enjoy!!! Watch Criminal Case Cheats Video Tutorial for better understanding:

  • Cosmin

    Not working!

  • Cosmin

    This hack is not working anymore!

  • Maria

    v 21 needed ty

  • alvians

    update for energy please

  • Davi Santiago

    Criminal Case Trainer V36 não está funcionando(not working)

    • Asero

      V41 aadded

  • Lune Goddess

    There is no v42 in the link that you provided.

    • Asero

      I’ve not updated the text but when you open the link it’s V42. go see it. Enjoy! it’s V42 now.

    • Lune Goddess

      Thanks for updating the page!