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Ninja saga – how to get free tokens

Ninja saga – free tokens This is how to get free 80 tokens for ninja saga. Steps: Create an account in ultimate pay. Validate your registration to get ultimate pay points. Click the link below Select the package of 80 tokens. They will say whether you want to use your 100 ultimate pay point, […]

Ninja Saga // Pet hack 2012

Ninja Saga // Pet Cheat Credits: xXxOmfgZo Ninja Saga // Pet hack 2012 screenshot Tools: Firefox FILE – [DOWNLOAD] <– Steps: Open Firefox. Go to Ninja Saga. Open The rainer. Press the hotkey (CTRL+1). HAVE FUN! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS Note: If the cheat is not working. right click the file and […]

All Secret Jutsu – Ninja Saga Cheat

All Secret Jutsu – Ninja Saga Cheat Credits: cheatnssiky Tools: Fiddler2 – [Filecopter] Winrar – [] Files – [Mediafire] Use Google Chrome Steps : Go to Ninja Saga Open Fiddler2 > Autoresponder Drag the file that you’ve just download from link above and drag it in autoresponder Clear browser cache [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] Go To ninja […]

Ninja Saga Attributes, DarkNPC, HacK

Credits: Osama Hantash Ninja Saga Attributes Hack Tools: Charles – [link] link updated Google Chrome JAVA – [LINK] Steps: 1. Clear Cache Ctrl+Shift+Delete 2.Open Fiddler2 3. Open Ninja Saga 4. Drag All the files to the Auto Responder in Fiddler2 5. Clear Cache Again 6. Refresh Ninja Saga 7. Go to Academy, Recuite Friends or […]