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Cartown Cheats – Redeem Promo Codes

  Updated Codes CLICK HERE   Cartown Cheats – Redeem Promo Codes Go to Cartown on facebook – Click here Codes: Updated 7.9.13 0A7B-AB5E-140D-17A1 802B-5D32-0DEB-9CCA BAF1-F872-F8E6-7CE9 Updated 7.6.13 B619-83E7-F7C9-C9F9 – NEW Updated 7.5.13 – 2B21-9A71-7426-6790 – NEW 7A23-8DE2-F33A-730A – NEW FEA7-F671-2571-7927 – NEW 54DB-0A4A-3E55-E9DB 0634-5EE0-1639-2497 1EF3-9511-C11E-25D4 96CB-D9FC-DDB7-FE0B 821A-C72D-FBCC-25C2 6.29.13 BD9F-9B9D-EAA3-2ACE B7AD-769C-E24E-0298 D9F-9B9D-EAA3-2ACE 5730-B779-C39B-D501 86BF-A3C3-64DE-543E 5E63-1BFF-017B-5658 […]

Car Town Hacks – Speed cheat

Credits: Oskar Steps: Go to Car Town > Race Open Cheat Engine Click the Blinking Computer and Select firefox.exe (If you are using the latest version of firefox, select -plugin-container.exe) In CE, Check Enable Speedhack Change the value from ‘1’ to ‘0.01’ Now click Ready the game will be very slow (This hack will help […]