Cafe World – Unlocking free gift

Steps :

  1. First , Make new account and add yourself, ( so you can gift to your main account )
  2. Go to Cafe World, Click Free Gifts and choose any Any Gifts that you want too and Send it
  3. When the new page loaded, you click the tab address of your browser
  4. Go to the end of address ( press “End” on your keyboard for easier )
  5. Next , You will notice notice there’s 3 numbers at the end of address. (for Example : (…gid=638)
  6. The 638 is the code of the gift
  7. Replace it to any of the codes on this picture( click for bigger view ) –> Image hosting by
  8. For example, you want to gift the imposible quiche.
  9. Then replace the last 3 numbers to 604 and enter.
  10. Now you will notice that u able to send the quiche even you are not on the required level.
  11. On the Friend List pop up , Choose your main FB and send.
  12. Login to your main FB and you will receive the gift.