Backyard Monsters – Ultimate hack v4 + VIDEOs

Backyard Monsters Shiny & Ultimate Hack Dec. 2012 CLICK HERE

Tools: // Backyard Monsters Cheats and hacks

Note: Nod32 antivirus is detecting as virus so disable your antivirus before you download any file or tool below

Fiddler Setting: Click Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPS > Click Capture HTTPS CONNECTs > Check Decrypt.. and ignore server..

Make sure that you remove old gamev.xx.xx.swf in MAP LOCAL(charles) to appear new gamev.xx.xx.swf, to remove click TOOL > MAP LOCAL > REMOVE ALL

Features :

  • Instant upgrade
  • instant resources x2
  • instant build
  • instant fortify
  • instant repair
  • instant training
  • instant champ feed
  • instant monsters
  • instant unlock monster


  1. Open Charles
  2. Go to Backyard Monsters
  3. In Charles find > GAME > ASSETS
  4. Right click gamev.vxx.vxx.swf and choose MAP LOCAL (xx is random numbers)
  5. Look “Map To” , Click “Choose” , Open facebookhaxBYM
  6. And Click “OK”
  7. Clear Browser Cache
  8. Reload BYM

How to clear browser cache (shortcut key: hold ctrl+shift+delete)

Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now

Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache

Charles STEPS


  • Guest

    Good job.!

  • Mark_ewan13

    Whats the different of v3 from v4?.. ^^ Thanks..

    • Jeffrey

      All monsters 1goo, pokey 200k health and 20000 dmg, but cannot attack other players, one towers upgrade now 1 everything. And yeah… That’s prob it.

    • Jeffreylin2011

      Oh and pokey speed is 10.

  • lol so many outposts….
    i only have 25….

  • JIGGSZ01

    why i cant see the thingy . . ;((( need help . . .

  • patched

  • Bryfost


  • Deika

    why can’t i see ? please help me

    • Jeffrey

      Is it because you are not running the system as Admin if you are using Win7, and BTW This does not work on WinVista. Hope I helped.

      • Deika

        im using Winxp

        • Jeffrey

          As someone else already said, you must open charles before BYM, in order to see ”casualcollective”.

      • zau9

        I am using Win7 as an admin but it still doesn’t show up!

        • Piso_edison

          just follow the instruction above… clear cache then refresh…


    you cant find the http://cdn-bm-fb.casualcollect if you not reload the game

  • Thanks It is Very Work, Now my Lefel is 50 Thank You… 🙂

  • kenneth brent

    Can this Cheat

    Instant Monster Lab ?

    what’s the difference ?

  • JIGGSZ01

    plzzz patch it . . . ;(((((((


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    • TSC

      Any Survey?

  • Leechers

    LoL you are all leechers you should all be ashamed and just suck your dicks this xmas

    • A452152

      Merry Christmas bro

  • A452152


  • 123Feeak

    PATCHED!. PLease sir Kindly Make a new and Better One

  • Heerta1234431

    ASAP make a new one. Thanks for the effort anyway

    • A452152

      It was working.

  • Putek

    cheat na bulok putek na yan walng game nakasulat

    • A452152

      UNGAS! gumagana yan, ginamit mo nung patch na tanga!

      • cyvin

        turuan mo naman ako, bro ! 😀

      • cyvin

        ano gamit mo ? charles o Fiddler2 ?? :))

  • bosz

    damn it doesnt work!! make another shit!!

  • Monsta Hunta

    The game has been Patched, please make another. Many thanks.

  • azuka

    it say’s game updated

  • Cbf Dioramatrix Power

    Please Update This Hack…!!

  • azuka

    when will this hack update?

  • Cyvin_punk

    san makita ang new SWF file ! :((
    pleASe naman oh

  • azuka

    wala pa updated na swf file

  • A452152

    tagal update!!

    • cyvin

      may cheat ka instant resources lang dyan, bro ..
      pwede paturo ? (:

  • azuka

    hayz….sana naman ma release na agad ung new update^^

  • cyvin

    cno may alam kung paano ang instant resources using CE ?? :))

  • tang ina nyo

    meron na ko bago swf ..

  • tang ina nyo

    gumagana d2 sakin …