Backyard Monsters Cheats – Unlimited Resources hack

Credits : Neilpeter028@Godknows

  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox


  1. Go to Backyard Monster
  2. Open CE, Click the mini CPU and select your browser
    if you are using the latest version of firefox select -plugin-container.exe, if chrome select the 3rd chrome.exe
  3. Setting Array of bytes then tick also scan read only memory first (ASROM)
  4. Scan ‘0F 8F 19 01 00 00 8B 7D A8 8B 5D 08 8B B7 24 01
  5. 1 address found.
  6. Right Click and Select Disassemble memory region
  7. Change the jg xxxxxx to je xxxxxx

Credits : Neilpeter028@Godknows

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