Backyard Monsters Cheats – Instant Resources hack // 2011

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Backyard Monsters Cheats – Instant Resources hack // 2012

  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox or Google Chrome


  1. Play Backyard Monsters
  2. Open CE, Process -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or find working chrome.exe(google chrome)
  3. Uncheck/Untick writable
  4. Scan 83 C4 08 8B D6 89 55 D0
  5. Check Enable Speedhack and set to 0.09 (But do NOT press apply)
  6. Bank all resources and quickly Apply speed hack
  7. Dissasemble the code and change the ’08’ to ’48’ (watch the video)
  8. Wait till you get the resources
  9. Once you have banked 5 times change the ’48’ back to ’08’
  10. then you can do it again and again!!!
  11. Have fun

  • Hta1993_cool

    not working. cant find address

    • Vinter01

      NOt wOrkinG!!!

      • Hahahaqwe123

        use CE 6.1

  • Antony

    adobe version??

  • Van2x_van2x

    yaa not working =(

  • Van2x_van2x

    Can’t find the address

  • Kenphati


  • Anonymous

    its working, just follow the video….

  • Anonymous

    use firefox if you cant find address in google chrome….

  • Cheater

    It is Work!!! Serious! U must UNTIHICK WRITABLE!!!! Thank You Facebookhax!!!

  • Blazing_knight_19

    no address found in firefox 🙂

  • GM kieyxe

    can get banned?

  • ExSpiriTz

    i use C.e 6.0 n don’t have writable…so how to do this?

  • 8xiT

    not working dude 🙂

  • Anonymous

    use 6.0. or 6.1

  • Abufaiz9

    cant find adress

    • VenTerrAqua

      it dosent work… i followed everything you did… no adress… not in firefox nor google chrome…

  • Dan08nicasio

    working.. thanks alot..!

  • Antony

    Using Adobe Flash Player 10.3 And CE 5.5 / 5.6 / 6.1 That Will Found Address 🙂

  • i can’t change my adobe version

  • Manuel_dota67


  • Arvie_danag

    is this working now?

  • Ngongi

    fake! visit this site for real cheats


      nothings more fake than ur website. lemme guest 1st you have to like this. then click that. then post this to other peoples wall. then do this survey. FUCK U DIPSHIT!

  • yess tnx

  • Dru

    I can’t get the code to save my life. :

  • Squal_riguer

    is this code still working i cant find any address in my c.e

  • Thesinz

    not working anymore 😛

  • i tried both but none work is it patched?

  • Jobautista09

    this cheat sucks!!!,,,are you sure that this cheat is updated???it doesn’t work,,,this is bullshit!!!

  • Garerena-993

    Can’t find the code using chrome